Dispatcher Center

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Dispatcher Center

Main features

  • Continuous VoIP-solution for multiline systems.
  • System architecture is based on a centralized server model.
  • All hardware components are standard IT components.
  • Integration in existing communication infrastructure using SIP protocol.
  • Comprehensive features, significant more than the SIP standard.
  • User are connected to the centralized MLC via LAN.
  • User could be connected to more than one MLC.
  • System administration will be carried out with System Manager.
  • Identical user interface as HiPath Trading.
  • Integration of various applications into the Wpert user interface, e.g CTI-/ web applications.


  • Realization of VoIP strategy for multiline systems.
  • Integration in existing data center concepts/ processes.
  • Only investments in standard hardware.
  • No specific gateway needed for integration.
  • Features meet traders and dispatchers requirements.
  • Double connectivity to enhance redundancy.
  • Increased resilience.
  • Lost connectivity does not cause system manager down time.
  • User training is not necessary.
  • Simplify use at the same workplace.

System allows you to have connection to few phone providers and many trunks. After collecting CDR into database, it will calculate the cost of call due to provider's price. You can configure setup fee and rounding intervals for each destination. Also system supports monthly fee feature. You can charge your clients monthly. You can do it for all company or you can input monthly price for each subscriber line. The same feature you can use if the provider has subscription fee. Each channel can have its own price or you can have fixed cost for all service.

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