Куда пойти в Тбилиси?

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Visiting Georgia one can find a lot of interesting things – beautiful views, friendly meetings, fantastic wine and delicious food.
But besides, you will have a lucky chance to meet the legend of Tbilisi – a photographer Yuri Mechitov.

In his nice studio you will have a surprising communication accompanied by a glass of wine or a cup of coffee or tea.

After a friendly chat and exchange of positive emotions, the master finds the most essential in you as a person. And later you become the co-author of your own portrait, and there’s no chance to create such kind of a portrait otherwise! You will like it for sure, and moreover, this portrait will tell you something about yourself which you probably didn’t expect to see.
What memory will you bring from Georgia? No doubt, it’s the mood – a portrait, signed by the master is unique, inimitable, exceptional…

Your portrait can be made in any style from a modern one to retro, it can be color or monochrome.
At the photo studio of Yuri Mechitov in Tbilisi you can order portraits of any sizes in a frame or passepartout, color or monochrome.

Only one thing will stay unchangeable – a kind, genuine Tbilisian attitude of the master Yuri Mechitov to human being, which is widely reflected in his versatile works of art.

Phone: +(995) 599 56 89 90

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mechitov/

Address: 6, Vaso Abashidze street, Tbilisi, Georgia

Куда пойти в Тбилиси? - Афиша на лето 2019

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